What Makes Narcissists Tick – Free PDF Download!


It’s been too long since I gave you all something for your digital libraries.  Here you will find the PDF version of What Makes Narcissists Tick. Using real-life examples, this book clues you in on what narcissists don’t want you to know. It explains malignant narcissism in plain English for the average person.

Get your copy here:  What Makes Narcissists Tick

15 thoughts on “What Makes Narcissists Tick – Free PDF Download!”

  1. Thanks heaps for sharing this wonderful resource. There is a small section about Narcissistic siblings and parents, and that seems to describe what happened to the letter.

  2. Another thank you – what a great resource, the first time I have read about N fathers and daughters very informative. I also like the practical tips on giving N’s signals to back off and go look somewhere else! As a N magnet for many years and currently NC for 4 months and 2 days learning how to protect myself whilst healing has become paramount. I love this site and always feel much calmer after reading here and using the meditations to help drift off to sleep…

    1. Wow, thank you for sharing that..and also, Kudos on being NC for so long! If you’ve made it this far, you are very strong indeed. It’s great that you’ve found ways to protect yourself.

      And I am honored that you think highly of my site. Thank you :)

  3. Dear Kim, this book alone clears up something I’ve been agonising about, not just on your blog. You know all our agonies about how the new partner gets treated….and the literature states clearly that it is just a question of time, (maybe in months, years…) before the honeymoon period is over an the devalue discard process gets underway..I’m sure I contested this, to yourself that I was convinced they behaved in ways they could get away with…ie better if there were witnesses or that the new supply had long-term /better value than the discarded (myself) supply. This is perfectly and clearly articulated on page 287 ‘Are they to blame?’ Kathy Krajco spells out quite clearly how they adapt, chameleon like to day/night conditions and mould themselves to whoever/whatever they are contending with. So this is enlightening if agonising news that if the new supply is younger/prettier/richer/more powerful/ – more self assured – narcissistic even, THEY WILL GET BETTER TREATMENT !!!!!!! Krajco does explain that the endgame of getting more/better ATTENTION is the same whether the co-dependent is abused/revered but, hey better the latter than the former don’t you think? She also has some interesting views on co-dependence – she doesn’t even like the term no more than she likes covert-narcissism or martyr. Instead she identifies cycle of deprivation, conditioning the child of a narcissist, border/boundary busting and elaborate forms of mind control in the section on torture/brainwashing etc. Thoughts?

Due to the high volume of comments left here, I am not always able to respond to each one, but please know in advance that I wish each and every one of you success in detaching and moving on towards a better life!

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