Psychic Cord Cutting as Part of the Healing Process

By Kim Saeed | Empaths and Sensitives

Jul 09
Cutting Cords

What is a psychic cord?

Psychic cords are energetic bonds that develop between people. This typically happens when they share a deeply intimate relationship, but also when one partner believes that their wholeness is reliant on the other partner, such as in emotionally abusive relationships. The beliefs that create cords stem from unsatisfied needs and deeply held emotional patterns.   That’s why people who’ve been involved with a Narcissist, whether during childhood or in romantic relationships (or both) often seem to go through life attracting the same kind of people. 

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Cords can be caused by many things…often, it’s because of an emotionally traumatic event. Or maybe we’ve allowed someone to disregard our boundaries; or perhaps we have no boundaries.

A psychic cord can create severe problems on emotional, subconscious, spiritual, energetic, and physical levels.  These cords are often the main reason for blocked creative energy, repressed self-expression, loss of personal power, unresolved anger, fear or grief, weak interpersonal boundaries, and poor health.

Although symptoms of cords can vary greatly, an individual will typically feel drained from specific relationships when a cord is present. When we want to let someone go because the relationship is unhealthy, the cords and the continuing psychic exchange between us and that person can hold us back. Below are signs that you have toxic psychic cords that needs to be severed.

Symptoms of heavy cording include:

  • Inability to move on
  • Obsessing about an Ex
  • Ruminating on things they said; reliving their constant judgment or criticism
  • Constant memories concerning things you used to do together
  • Compulsion to go back to the toxic relationship
  • Stalking your Ex online through social media
  • Insomnia, or endless processing of the past
  • Deep feelings of sadness, anger, and depression regarding the past
  • Desiring to seek revenge, or constantly aware of unfair treatment
  • Crying all the time; an emotional shell
  • Turning down invitations from friends and family; stuck in the past

Clearing energetic cords that bind you to an abusive Narcissist is a must.  Not only will doing so sever the psychic ties with the Narcissist, but will also clear the spiritual debris they picked up from sleeping with multiple partners, which they then spread to you when you shared intimate moments with them.  This can cause you to attract negative energy into your life.

The Cord Cutting Process

We often have misconceptions about relationships and perceptions about who we believe we are and who we think the other person is. Doing this work will help you overcome this, and begin to form a new outlook. Even if you are not able to feel anything, trust that the process is occurring.

You can start by calling upon God, Jesus, your spiritual guides, or your higher self to help you with this process. Visualize yourself holding a crystal sword.  Say out loud, “I now cut and release the cords of this relationship (person’s name)”, and while you are saying this, move your arms as if you were holding a sword and cut all around your body, remembering to cut above you and send intent.   Visualize the sword going below you to cut the roots of the relationship. You might also visualize pulling up the roots and plucking them out of your energy field while continuing to cut with the sword. Visualize the energetic cords vanishing as you cut and pull them from you. You may find as you do this, that some bundles may be more concentrated in the navel or heart area. Intimate relationships are typically more concentrated in the lower chakras.  (**This process can also be used to cut the psychic cords with Narcissistic parents, alive or otherwise).

Continue to say the name of the person of whom you are cutting cords from. When you feel you are done with that person and the relationship, pause and let yourself get a sense of whether or not the cord-cutting was successful. It is best to only do a few relationships in one cord cutting ceremony. Start with the ones that occupy your mind and heart the most.cut cord

When you feel the process is complete, pause and breathe for a few moments.  Visualize a lavender light encircling you as you bask in your new, clean energy field. Allow your heart to expand and feel the connection to your Higher Self.  In doing this ceremony you have created a space.  By calling in the Divine and your higher Self, you bring in what you need to go forth and form the relationships you desire.

Next, simply relax and rest. You might even want to take a nap. You may feel hungry, drained, or simply peaceful. Even while you rest, the energy streams are dispersed as they go back to the time, person and relationship.

You’ll want to also clear out the area where you performed the ritual through smudging or diffusing essential oils, such as Release by Young Living.  It’s wonderful for cord cutting and a great emotional support for this type of work.

Cord cutting is not generally recommended more than once a week. You need time to assimilate the work you have done and allow yourself time to develop new perspectives.

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