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Aug 04

5 Signs of Toxic Parents and Healing the Damage They Caused

By Kim Saeed | Adult Children of Narcissists , Contemplating No Contact , Initiating No Contact , Maintaining No Contact

The term “toxic parent” was invented to describe parents whose own negative behaviors inflict devastating emotional damage which wrecks their children’s sense of self. Toxic parents are those who abuse their children verbally, psychologically, physically or sexually, as well as parents who aren’t present or sensitive to their children’s emotional needs. You may have been […]

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Apr 13

Thank you! Here is Your Beginner’s Healing & Empowerment Pack!

By Kim Saeed |

Access your free Beginner’s Healing & Empowerment Materials: To claim your access pass to the free training workshop, 7 Proven Strategies to Defeat Narcissistic Abuse, register here:  Webinar registrations will open back up on January 4th, 2018. Download your workbook for the workshop:  Get my Workshop Workbook Need help accessing the workshop?  Basic Device Requirements for […]

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Feb 16

6 Strategies to Help You Stop Overreacting When Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

By Kim Saeed | Initiating No Contact , Maintaining No Contact , Moving on after No Contact

When we are on the path to healing from narcissistic abuse, we often overreact to situations without even knowing it. How does this happen?  Well, for one, we allow our emotions to take over. But more than that, we are so used to being on the defensive that our baseline reaction is protect and preserve.  […]

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Nov 14

Narcissistic Abuse, Recovery, and the Importance of Right Healing

By Kim Saeed | Contemplating No Contact , Initiating No Contact , Maintaining No Contact

Experts say it takes more time to recover from a breakup with a narcissist (be that a friendship, colleague, family member, partner, or spouse) because you have to grieve twice. You grieve first for the person the narcissist pretended to be (your most loyal friend, soulmate, perfect boss) and then you grieve yet again about the […]

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