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Exclusively for those who are motivated to heal and live joyfully after Narcissistic Abuse


We proudly present these offerings to help you design your healed life. If you prefer personalized guidance, here’s what to do next:

Enroll in The Essential No Contact Bootcamp

Connect with the reasons why you break No Contact and then begin healing them! Click here to join the tribe of survivors who’ve not only stayed No Contact, but have THRIVED after narcissistic abuse.

Private Coaching

I can work with you one-to-one throughout your entire transformation process. Click here for private coaching options, as well as to register for one-time clarity sessions.

Heal Yourself and Your Life

We help regular people learn to heal themselves by making recovery from narcissistic abuse easy to understand, accessible, and applicable to everyday life.  

The Essential No Contact Bootcamp

If you want to leave misery and heartbreak behind, regain your sense of self, detach from love that hurts, and break the cycle of crippling emotional abuse, click here…

Beyond No Contact

If you are rebuilding your life after No Contact, maintaining the block, learning emotional resilience techniques, managing the new normal, and navigating your healing journey, click here…

Master Your Mojo

If you are learning more about your personality, engaging in regular self-care and healing activities, and continuing to transform your beliefs and thoughts into ones that empower and heal, click here…

Whee, I'm Free!

If you have reached a higher level of self-awareness, are ready to learn your life purpose, are in the processing of shedding all that doesn’t empower you, and want to live your life by design, click here...

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