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Attracting Love through Affirmations and Visualization


Finding real love isn’t easy, or so we convince ourselves.  We try to justify our failures in relationships by placing blame on the other person, believing that everyone is out for a perfect mate, that we can never live up to the expectations of another person, and the list goes on.  The fact of the matter is, if we change our way of thinking, love will appear as if by magic.  And even better, you will attract the person of your dreams.

Let me begin by saying that no human being on earth is perfect.  If you begin your mission with a checklist of the traits of what you consider to be present in a perfect mate, you will probably never find love.  Every single one of us has something that we could improve upon.  Sit down and write a list of your good and bad traits.  Be honest and candid.  Look at your list of traits that you consider weaknesses in yourself.  You would probably try to overlook those traits and assume that if you find the “Right One”, they would overlook your flaws because your strengths are so great.  The same goes for your potential mate.  You must be willing to compromise.  In fact, if you have a checklist, get rid of it.  What I’m about to tell you will make your checklist obsolete.

In order for us to attract love into our lives, we must first love ourselves.  If you are coming out of a failed relationship, or are simply ready for a connection with someone, use this time to romance yourself instead of delving into the dating pool too soon.  Even if you find someone right off, your insecurities and hurts from the past will creep up and abolish the budding relationship into oblivion.  Believe me, it might not feel like it at the start, but unless you’ve come to terms with your past and learn to love yourself, you will kill any chance of a long-term love affair.  Wouldn’t it be a tragedy to find the woman or man of your dreams, only to send them running away because of your being clingy or possessive?  If you love yourself, you wouldn’t feel this way to begin with.  You cannot look to another person to validate you.  You have to do this for yourself.  You are responsible for your own happiness.  You must be able to like the person you are when you are alone, and enjoy being with yourself.  In fact, the more you enjoy yourself and don’t need others, the more you actually attract them.

So, where do you start?  Start with positive affirmations.  Let me also add that affirmations in and of themselves will not work unless you believe them.  You have to feel them.  In addition, they will be much more powerful if you visualize yourself with your dream partner. They might be someone you already know, or someone you haven’t met yet.

Let’s begin with some examples of positive affirmations.  These might include thoughts such as:

I am a beautiful person.

Anyone would be lucky to have someone like me.

I have many qualities that make me special.

I am perfect just the way I am.

I forgive myself for any mistakes I made in the past.

I love what I see in the mirror.

Write these affirmations on post-it notes and hang them in your bedroom and/or bathroom.  Read them to yourself every day.  Tape them to the ceiling above your bed so that they are the first thing you see when you wake up.  Read them aloud and believe every word.  After all, you are a fabulous being.  Anyone would be lucky to have you.  The most powerful way to attract true love is to really love you.  Even the most beautiful people will never attract true love if they don’t believe in themselves.  People are attracted to our light, our happiness, our peace and contentment, and our love for life.  So stop feeling sorry for yourself, if that’s the case, because it is the most unattractive trait a person can have.

If you really want to rev up your quest for and conquest of love, incorporate visualization into your daily routine.  You can find some very effective love meditations on YouTube.  I would suggest beginning with guided mediations about self-love.  Once you feel comfortable with yourself, love yourself, and are not lonely because you are alone, you can then start the guided meditations on finding love, finding your soul mate, and relationships.  A really good one is remote seduction, which is better suited for a person you have already found and want in your life.  I used this one and attracted my Sweetheart.  In short, I can vouch for this whole philosophy because it has worked in my life and I continue to reap the benefits of self-love, affirmations, and visualization.  Again, the trick is to truly believe.

I have full faith that if you practice these affirmations and visualizations, and believe in them, that your life will perform a 180.  Things will begin to fall into place as if by magic.  You can use affirmations not only for love, but for every area imaginable in your life.  I would love to hear about how this process has changed your life (and I know it will).  Just leave your comments on this web page.  Happy Affirmations and Visualizations to you!

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MrrMrrMrrrrr says July 25, 2014

C’mon ladies! Lets get together and post some wonderful recovery messages and focus on lightheartedness. We deserve it! Youtube has been AWESOME for healing. There are so many meditations on there I lose track. You can pick what calls to you, and what you have time for. There are meditations ranging anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or so. I like the idea of starting with the self love meditations, then graduating into the others. The remote seduction one sounds intruiging, would you post a link, please?

What’s also been helpful is Rori Raye’s visualization of instead of giving your heart to someone, start putting your lovely, beating heart back into your chest, dance to its beat, and let it radiate all that love, excitement, and warmth inside and out. That way, you’re receiving and experiencing your love first while simultaneously putting it out there, remaining centered, and remaining open. If someone hurts you, you can still be in that state of love and openness at a distance from them. It makes me feel calm, peaceful, and graceful and people seem to call and treat me better while in this state. 🙂 It feels like inward going outward, instead of needily grasping outward to bring stuff in. When you’re in that open, loving state, it allows for love to make its own way back in, you know?

Remote seduction ooo what is that? Is it similar?

hemp4wellness says June 21, 2013

Great advice Kimberly. I love affirmations. I also have a book of positive aspects, gets me focused on the positive qualities of people in my life. I look forward to seeing more of your posts! 🙂

    Kim Saeed says June 21, 2013

    Thank you! I’m very honored that you’ve visited my blog. Oh, and that positive aspects book sounds interesting, and useful!

Kim Saeed says June 21, 2013

Reblogged this on Let Me Reach.

jenniferhelps says June 21, 2013

Great advice and it is so true!
I am a HUGE believer in Daily Affirmations!
I write many self-help materials to encourage others
and I always recommend Daily Affirmations!
Nice posting!

    Kim Saeed says June 21, 2013

    Thanks, Jennifer 🙂

      jenniferhelps says June 21, 2013

      Wait until YOU see MY most recent post!

        Kim Saeed says June 21, 2013

        Wow. I feel like it’s Christmas and you’re Santa Clause 🙂 Seriously, what a generous gesture. I’m all tickled inside!

          jenniferhelps says June 21, 2013

          You should be, you’re AWESOME!

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