I Still Remember You

By Kim Saeed | Initiating No Contact

Oct 11
Your beautiful soul

By Kim Saeed

You disappeared so long ago

a slow, painful deliverance.

Your voice was silenced and you became invisible

as you vanished into your captor.

He bled your soul into his veins;

Because he can never be autonomous

He can never be you.

So he stole your spirit and made it his own.

A thousand years became a minute

You dwelled in purgatory, until…

You heard a voice

The voice you silenced

It said, I am still here…

So while no one was looking, you escaped through his laughter

Raw and vulnerable, afraid to be seen.

You hid under a dark cloud

His presence ever-ominous.

Afraid that no one would see you;

that no one would receive you

For you believe you’re not worthy

But, you are worthy.

I still remember you

I see you…not the cloud

I see your beautiful soul

I see the memories of you…the life and laughter you laid to rest

Your kindness, your potential, the contributions you made.

They were there all along

They never went away.

You were blinded…coded to erase yourself

You died to make him alive.

And he can’t survive without your soul

Take it back

Share with us your light…the gift that is you

Because I still remember you…

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