I Dreamt of Evil

By Kim Saeed | Narcissism

Oct 23

Last night, I dreamt of demons and evil spirits.  They were after me and the people who were in my house, friends and family members.  We tried making sure all the doors were locked and secured.  I vividly remember seeing chairs propped up under door handles.  The sky outside was dark and overcast, pregnant with a wicked storm that would bring Hell down upon us at any moment.

At one point, I discovered one of the doors had a broken lock.   I tried checking it from the outside, and was suddenly sucked into the air…and there I was, suspended, unable to move…just floating helplessly.  The only thought I had was that it was the work of an evil spirit.

Somehow, I was able to snap out of it, and I went back inside.  It was still very dark; strangely all the lights were off in the house.  There was only the light of a laptop computer, which belonged to a friend of mine.  She was in her email, checking, checking, checking…there were probably a hundred emails sent from my Ex…(who you all know is a malignant Narcissist).  We quickly realized we were under surveillance from every possible venue.

I looked out of a window and my Ex and his sister were there…with innocent, friendly smiles meant to fool me into thinking they meant no harm, but I knew they did.  Behind the smiles, I could see their evil intent…

I wish I could say this is a work of fiction, but it’s not.  This is a real dream that I had before waking up this morning.  My humble analysis of the dream is this:

Narcissists, especially the malignant kind, do in fact have malicious intent when you’ve become their enemy.  They will stop at nothing to make your life miserable, even targeting your close friends and family members in their game.  I speak from experience.

I believe the looming, evil, wicked storm represents their foul ever-presence.  They’re always there (even though you can’t see them) behind the scenes, plotting their next vile act in their game of revenge.  Nothing is beyond them.  Even when time has passed and you’ve moved on with your life, they are still in the thick of it as though their imagined slights are fresh.  Their goal of making you pay will be just as nasty years down the road as when their game first began.

The floating, helpless suspension represents (I think) a victim’s feeling of being powerless to stop the Narc.  However, I am encouraged by the fact I was able to break free from the evil spell.

The surveillance is a true event.  In the past, my Ex and his sister remotely planted spy-ware on my cell phone…I re-set my phone and changed my number, but I have reason to believe they may have done it again.  I suspect my laptop could be infected with spyware, as well.  You see, they know a PI and my ex SIL has no qualms about asking him for favors.  Not to mention the stalking and harassment on behalf of my Ex…I recently had a dream in which everywhere I looked, I saw his car hidden behind bushes.  It’s not just paranoia; I have years’ worth of having endured stalking under my belt.  Also, my Ex drops little hints in conversation revealing that he knows about things that he should not be aware of…usually with a malevolent grin on his face.

And the innocent smiles they affix to their faces?  It’s all part of their act; to fool people into thinking they are as innocent as lambs, and many fall for it.  But not this woman.  I see behind the smiles into their souls, which are blacker than the deepest midnight.

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