Owning a Cat Can Help You Heal From Narcissistic Abuse

By Kim Saeed | Energy Healing

Nov 07

Last week, I posted an article describing how staying in an abusive relationship with a Narcissist can cause you to experience adrenal fatigue, shorten your life span, and make you more susceptible to diseases such as cancer.  On average, the damage a Narcissist inflicts on your psyche (which in turn, causes physiological damage) can subtract up to eight years or more from your life span.

If you have recently empowered yourself by leaving your Narcissist (or plan to in the near future), you can build your longevity back up by owning a cat.  While owning pets in general can work wonders for calming nerves and improving lives, a cat’s purr creates vibrations within a range of 20-140 Hz, proven to be medically beneficial for many illnesses.  These are the same frequencies used in Theta healing, a holistic healing technique using quantum physics to access healing energy vibrations.

Allergic?  Not crazy about Fluffy?  No worries, there are many videos on the internet that can provide you with comparable results, such as the one below:

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