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An Inspirational Story of Release and Healing

by M.L. Gallagher

I was involved with a sociopath for 4 years 9 months. Through the course of that relationship I lost everything I owned, including my relationship with my daughters. I almost lost my life. And then, one day, the police walked in and arrested him and I was set free.

Since that morning of his arrest, May 21, 2003, I have healed and grown and learned and stretched my wings and taken flight. My life is rich and vibrant. My heart is strong.

I believe it is not the fall that kills you. It’s the staying down.

I believe we all have the courage to get up. We all have the right to live our lives in freedom.

I believe I am free when I stand in my light and do not fear the darkness or the shadows.

Since gaining my freedom I have written a book about my experience (The Dandelion Spirit, A true life fairy tale of love, lies and letting go) and, I have healed. My daughters and I live together again. They have forgiven me and most importantly, I have forgiven myself.

Being with a sociopath has taught me the greatest lie is when I give up on myself and give into another. When I let go of my belief in me and turn to another to find my life.

There will always be encounters with sociopaths and others of disordered personalities. In freedom, I do not fear the possible encounter. I do not fear the dark, because I am living my life in the light of being all that I am meant to be.

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Mrs Finkling says December 11, 2013

glad your family is back together – very inspiring

meticulousmick says December 7, 2013

Stay true to yourself and you will be true to others, MM ?

bethbyrnes says December 7, 2013

I think the problem always boils down to the fact that we don’t expect these people. We aren’t alert to the signs until it is too late. The public needs to be educated about this and then people, especially young people, need to be on the alert and avoid involvement with disordered personalities, no matter how seductive or attractive they may seem. i

    Kim Saeed says December 7, 2013

    I couldn’t agree more, Beth. We certainly need more awareness. I hope to do that with not only my blog, but in the future via other venues…

    Wendy Powell says December 8, 2013

    I’m doing my part to “educate” people on this. I condensed all that I know (mother, husband, daughter are narcissists) from experience, coaching and reading and put it up for sale for $2. http://ow.ly/28zXrt Lots of blogs at my site as well.

heila2013 says December 7, 2013

What made me the happiest was to read that you’re back together with your daughters. 🙂 Heila

    Kim Saeed says December 7, 2013

    🙂 That’s very sweet of you 🙂 This isn’t my personal story, but I felt it such an inspiration I just had to share it!

      heila2013 says December 7, 2013

      Whoever’s story it is, it’s a tough one with a happy ending. 🙂

        Kim Saeed says December 7, 2013

        Indeed 🙂

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