Feeling Trapped? No Phone? Hope is Here…

By Kim Saeed | Narcissism

Dec 30
  • Are you being held in your own home like a prisoner, with little contact with the outside world?
  • Does your partner withhold access to a phone as a form of punishment or to force you to comply?
  • Did your abusive partner destroy your phone and you’re not able to replace it?
  • Have you been put into compromising situations because the phone you DID have was spied on, which resulted in crippling verbal or physical attacks?

With HopeLine from Verizon, you can take your power back.  If you are in an abusive relationship, HopeLine is available to keep you connected to vital resources.

Many victims of domestic and narcissistic abuse report that their partner cuts off their access to a cell phone, thereby rendering them helpless.  Since abusers often insist that their victim not work outside the home, the victim becomes dependent upon them for everything, including common conveniences such as a cell phone.  This is all about power and control.

There is nothing worse than feeling you have no avenue for escape or being stuck in a situation where you need to call for help, but cannot because your abuser took that option away from you. The HopeLine program collects donated phones from across the nation, then refurbishes and distributes them to domestic violence survivors in need.

Don’t forget that emotional abuse is domestic abuse.  Even if your partner hasn’t hit you yet, emotional abuse often escalates into physical abuse.  If you are being manipulated, degraded, humiliated, and controlled, you are in an abusive relationship.

Here are some success stories from recipients of a HopeLine phone:

  • A domestic violence victim who lived alone had an ex-boyfriend who broke in and ripped her landline phone out of the wall. She was not able to replace it, but was given a HopeLine phone, which she slept with under her pillow. The next time he broke in, she was able to call the police with the HopeLine phone and he was arrested.
  • A domestic violence victim with Parkinson’s disease who is homebound and the mother of two small boys used a HopeLine phone as a “lifeline” to stay in touch with her doctor, attorney and children’s school.
  • A domestic violence victim with an abusive husband who listened in on her calls and installed hidden cameras in their home was able to escape to safety by planning an escape plan with the help of Safe Haven and a HopeLine phone.
  • A domestic violence victim went through a divorce, lost everything, including her phone. She was given a HopeLine phone and was able to secure a job as a home health aide. One night she was driving home from work when her car broke down in the middle of nowhere. She used her HopeLine phone to call for help.

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