Are You Offering Yourself Up to Count Narcula?

By Kim Saeed | Contemplating No Contact

Jan 09
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The art of narcissistic abuse is about the skill in making the victim offer himself up to abuse” ~ Kathy Krajco

One of the most common questions asked by targets of Narcissistic abuse is, “Why have I stayed so long?”

If and when targets find the strength and wherewithal to leave, they must come to terms with the fact that they offered themselves to their abuser for years before coming to their senses.  This coming-to-the-senses isn’t easy.  It’s not that victims enjoy their plight.  After all, no one would willingly choose to stay in a relationship where their identity and soul slowly erode over time until they find themselves a prime candidate for “The Walking Dead”, reality-style.

What people on the outside don’t understand is that Narcissists are sadistic, malicious parasites who have one goal…to find a host and feed off of them indefinitely.  However, since the general population tends to have a huge beef with this scenario, the Narcissist has to find a suitable host they can coax into  a hypnotic trance so they will, in turn, offer up their pulsing veins to the evil Count Narcula. In most cases, the best hosts tend to be nurturing, empathic, and Highly Sensitive.  These types have an aura around them that Count Narcula can detect with his evil, innate Narcula powers.

Remember the damsels in the olden Nosh-feratu movies who sought out their evil master and offered up their necks for a tasty chomp?  That’s the same scenario that plays out in a relationship with a Narcissist.  Only, the modern-day Narcula prefers the bleeding of their victim’s self-worth, confidence, success, finances, property, children, etc.  There is nothing more satisfying to Narcula than to have his victim return to him over and over and offer themselves up for a suck-fest.  Some victims have reported that their abuser looked to be high on heroin just from the pleasure that coursed through the abuser’s veins after putting a soul-killing smack down on them.

This proves how evil, malignant, and malicious Narcissists are.  Their ultimate pleasure in life is having power and control – and ultimately, total consummation – over a person who represents everything they can never be.  While I’ve used a lot of symbolism in this post, it’s very close to the truth.

If you have found yourself under the hypnotic lure of Count Narcula, the first thing you need to do is go No Contact.  As long as you keep one crack open, Narcula will hold you under his or her hypnotic spell.  Unless you enjoy being walking, talking raw hamburger, you should consider taking No Contact seriously.  Don’t be a willing pawn in Narcula’s psychological killing spree.  Otherwise, you WILL become a real-life zombie with sponge-for-brains, stumbling through life aimlessly.

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