The Strength of the Human Spirit

By Kim Saeed | Initiating No Contact

Jan 27

The Universe is an efficient creation:  matter becomes energy, energy becomes matter, one form of energy is converted into another form; the balance is forever changing, but the Universe is a closed system from which no particle of matter or wave of energy is ever lost.  Nature not only loathes it but forbids it.  The human mind and spirit, at their noblest, can transform the material world for the better; we can even transform the human condition, lifting ourselves from a state of primal fear, when we dwelled in caves and shuddered at the sight of the moon, to a position from which we can contemplate eternity and hope to understand the works of God.  Light cannot change itself into stone by an act of will, and stone cannot build itself into temples.  Only the human spirit can act with volition and consciously change itself; it is the only thing in all creation that is not entirely at the mercy of forces outside of itself, and it is, therefore, the most powerful and valuable form of energy in the Universe.  For a time, the spirit may become flesh, but when that phase of its existence is at an end, it will be transformed into disembodied spirit once more.

We are all a shining light, all but blinding in our own brightness.

~ Dean Koontz, Sole Survivor

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