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1hr Delta Binaural – Advanced Healing of Body and Mind (0.9hz)

**This is a raw binaural meditation. Please adjust volume levels according to your preference.

—————- What are delta brainwaves? —————

Delta brainwaves are considered the most relaxing brainwave frequency range. Delta brainwaves
are commonly associated with the deepest sleep [stages 3 & 4] and a state of unconscious
awareness. Delta brainwaves are the lowest in brainwave frequency: ranging from 0 – 4 Hz, but
are the highest in amplitude. Delta brainwaves, like other slower brainwave patterns, are
generated in the right hemisphere, though they may be observed in widespread patterns
throughout various parts of the brain. The delta brainwave range is associated with empathy, the
unconscious mind, and a decreased sense of awareness.

————–Benefits of increasing delta brainwaves———–

•Extreme bliss
•Advanced healing of body and mind
•Connection with unconscious mind
•Deepest possible level of mind / body relaxation
•Perfect intuition
•Connecting with the spiritual body
•Boosted immune system
•Release of Anti-Aging hormones


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Laura says January 13, 2015

Thanks so much, Kim! You and the resources you share are amazing. You are helping so many people heal! Is there a way to download the healing videos you have posted or a site where I can purchase them for download?

    Kim Saeed says January 18, 2015

    Hi Laura! Thank you for your kind comments 🙂 I think the best way to download them for use as mp3s is to download a converter. I don’t have my current videos anywhere for download yet, but am considering doing so sometime in the near future. I am also hoping to create an app at some point.

alm383 says March 14, 2014

متالقة دائمان كيف الحال

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