Destination Misery – A "Let Me Reach" Short Story

By Kim Saeed | Contemplating No Contact

May 17
Narcissist La La Land

The brochure shows a beautiful, lush vacation resort.  Stunning, blue waters caress white-sand beaches.  The five-star hotel looks comfortable and accommodating with smiling staff ready to cater to your every whim.  You buy the ticket, pack your bags and catch a taxi to the airport.

The stewardesses greet you with warm smiles, take your bags and escort you to your seat.  At once, you are asked your choice of cocktail and offered a scrumptious snack.  Shortly after, the plane takes off and you close your eyes, imagining what life will be like when you arrive at your scenic destination.

Shortly before touching down, there is terrible turbulence.  You realize the cabin crew is nowhere to be seen.  You look through the window…the place at which you’ve arrived is nothing like what you believed.  The plane comes to a screeching halt and you walk feebly toward the exit.  You get to the door and stop, not wanting to exit the plane.  You want to go back home, but you purchased a one-way ticket.

Feeling lonely and isolated, you begin to scorn yourself.  You’ve been here many times, and each time you are fooled by false advertising; the old bait-and-switch.  You force yourself to exit the plane and go blindly into the desolate wilderness, wondering how you’ll get back home this time…

**Narcissists are very skilled at convincing us that things will be better next time, if only we’d give them another chance.  It’s the return to “Narcissist La La Land”, which is exactly where you’ll find yourself if you let the Narcissist back into your life.  Find out how your life could change by going No Contact.  Download your free questionnaire below!

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