396 Hz Solfeggio Binaural – Release Guilt and Fear

By Kim Saeed | Energy Healing

Jul 08

396 Hz is widely known for its ability to help in the releasing of emotional patterns; Liberating Guilt and Fear

When combined with the low alpha binaural beats, you will find additional benefits such as stress reduction, lucid mental state, body imbalance awareness, strengthening of the immune system, creativity, bridging of the conscious and unconscious mind.

When combined with the mid theta binaural beats, the 396 Hz solfeggio gives the additional benefits of inner guidance, inner vision, heightened intuition, the ability to tap into the subconscious mind, body healing, improved problem solving, learning ability, concentration and focus. Some have called theta meditations the “gateway to eternal bliss”.

**Best listened to at volume level 80 or below.


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