Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed
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How to Detach, How to Let Go of Attachments, Releasing, and Emotional Mastery

The author of this video specializes in relationships, but his video on releasing attachments is one of the best I’ve come across…I hope it will help those of you struggling with No Contact. Namaste.


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Hunt FOR Truth says August 1, 2014

Sure – if a person would like to pursue a path of holiness as did Buddha – he emerging from Siddhārtha Gautama to joy to become enlightenment, then there are four truths presented.

1. Suffering is the unavoidable accompaniment of physical existence.
2. All suffering is caused by desire.
3. All personal desire and ambition must be extinguished by the person who wishes freedom from suffering and it can be extinguished by walking the Path.
4. The Path which leads to freedom from suffering is a narrow path.

The path is for individuals that seek not the mental, verbal, and bodily criticism and not the souls and personal identity. These are unsubstantial and impermanent just is any desire. True, desire is suffering is truth. However, the attempts to eliminate obsessions and compulsiveness or clinging to addictive relationships or blame and so forth also are similar. The misbehaving originates in mind and this mind is closed to acceptance of what is by resisting what is; suffering mind then to separate from stillness to make the desire a structure – a teaching even is a symbol of structured permanence and thus there must be dozens or hundreds or even thousands of teachings before there is awareness that raises to a greater acceptance.

The first awareness is of great value. The second awareness requires great explaining as well and these four truths require dedication that typically is beyond life in families. As awareness dawns and acceptance increases then behaviors improve. This is true for any that pursue inner peace.

Learning to co-exist requires awareness and acceptance. The chaos of impermanence is the fruit of its seeds – desire for pleasures. The outer universe is mirroring to us needs of individuals to transcend structure – structure is impermanent; the creating of it is misbehaving. This misbehaving is rooted in the projection of blame and separating notions as well as from sense of entitlement and by anxiousness of choices. Even pretending detachment is admirable. However, it remains true that suffering is the unavoidable accompaniment of physical existence.

~ Eric

Hunt FOR Truth says July 31, 2014

I wouldn’t disagree, but desire is normal and it is a problem only beyond a desire when craving-obsession of attaining elusive pleasures occurs. The destructiveness of suffering emerges from desire; true. If desire is normal, then if the seeking is normal, beyond a sense of normal control of desire, a person that is reasonably minded will turn away from the desire. Otherwise grandiose delusions and the powerful urge for having the pleasure then is craving-obsession. I believe Buddha did teach that suffering increases as desire is amplified — into pain and suffering — if a person progresses beyond what is normal that desire is craving.

    Kim Saeed says August 1, 2014

    Great points, Hunt for Truth, when those desires turn into attachments, that’s when desire turns into suffering. Thank you for clarifying that 🙂

ImFree says July 27, 2014

Good stuff kim! 🙂 Love it!

    Kim Saeed says July 27, 2014

    Thanks 😀

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