The Myth of the Narcissist – Seeing Through the Illusion

By Kim Saeed | Contemplating No Contact

Sep 29
seeing through the illusion


by ~Gina Fant-Saez~

You said the most beautiful things
and sounded evolved and sincere
With intentions unquestionably true
And ambitions insightfully clear

I used to bathe in your words
believed you hungry for change
and willing to finally work
for all the things that you craved

it was a beautiful dream
to see you free and alive
your heart soaring in love
your body floating with mine

But you said what I wanted to hear
in language all gilded in grace
carefully crafted to match
the beauty I saw in your face

Now I see you’re a beautiful shell
With hollowing darkness inside
And you’ve grown so used to the dark
That now you’re afraid of the light

Lacking the courage to face
Your mirror of careless mistakes
The years and money you’ve wasted
Destruction left in your wake

Now you’re sorry you’ve hurt me again
As your tears and your promises fall
But I’m finally immune to your words
I know they mean nothing at all

You were an illusion I learned
Sadly, I see it all now
The only moments you rose
were the ones you were tearing me down

You carefully pulled all the strings
So your circles did not intersect
Now you’re passing out new victim cards
and shuffling me into your deck


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