Narcissistic Women – Satanic Sirens Who Act Like Angelic Maidens

By Kim Saeed | Contemplating No Contact

Apr 18
Female narcissists

Let Me Reach is seeking stories from men about narcissistic women.

As we forge through this era of equality for all, it’s important that we shine the light on a disturbing and often misunderstood phenomenon. Men are narcissistically abused, too. And female narcissists have an advantage due to age-old societal leanings to view women as the gentler sex…in need of protection and extra support.

While that may be true for some women in our world, female narcissists are wreaking havoc and destroying lives just as badly as their male counterparts using these outdated standards to their great advantage.  In some cases, their evil can seem even more depraved and unscrupulous using such debauched schemes as: luring men (and women) into affairs and later blackmailing them and extorting money from them, making death threats, making threats of exposure, fooling the court systems to get custody of children for the simple goal of obtaining life-long financial support (while the poor innocent children involved are treated as mere pawns), faking pregnancy, faking rape, faking miscarriage, faking terminal illnesses…

And the list goes on.

If you are a man (or woman, in the event of same-sex relationships) whose life and/or mental health has been destroyed by one of these satanic sirens, please feel free to send your story to I am collecting stories and information as research for a future eBook. No information will be shared publicly without your prior permission. You may also send your story to be shared anonymously.

Let’s join forces and expose these devious maidens for who and what they really are!

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luckyotter November 29, 2015

Reblogged this on Lucky Otter's Haven and commented:
It’s not only men who abuse, or women who get abused. There are female narcissists without a shred of empathy and every bit as toxic as an abusive man. In some cases they can be even more manipulative and underhanded because society has trained them to not be as outwardly aggressive. ACON blogger and author Kim Saeed is gathering stories from men about abusive female narcissists they have been involved with, for a future book. If you’re a man and have a story to tell, please keep on reading.

tim October 15, 2015

I was with my female narc for 6 years and engaged for 5 years on and off. What a rollercoaster nightmare, i just thought she was a spoiled brat always trying to get her way. Within the first year of being with her and engaged to her she was texting and talking to our supervisor which lead to sexual harrasment charges being filed at work and yes, we unfortunately work together on the same shift I know dumb. We broke up for a period of time and got back together cause of course I was blindsided with the love bombing and manipulation. About 4 years later we still wasn’t married cause of the constant lying, drama and manipulation. After I movied out things really got worse with her constant texting me and trying to keep us together. She started blaming me sleeping with all these people at work, putting me down in front of co-workers. She was very jelouse of other woman, we couldn’t even go out to eat with out it turning ugly blamming me of flirting with the waitress even though she was seeing other guys I work with and still telling me i was the only one. It really didn’t hit me she was narcissistic till she discarded me about 6 months ago for another person at work that works the same shift as I do. I was humiliated that I was the only person that didnt even know about it and she refused to have any form of communication with me at all. As of this date we still continue to work on the same shift. all the articles I have read on female narcs are true. You can wrote a book on this woman she has her game down ….run if you think your story is similar.

    Kim Saeed October 16, 2015

    Thanks for sharing, Tim. You’re welcome to submit your experience for an eBook I plan to put together for men involved with narcissistic women. If you’re interested, you can contact me at

    I hope you are healing from this. Don’t forget to take care of yourself…

retrotheskywalker October 2, 2015

Reblogged this on Detach Yourself… and commented:
Theyre spreading like wildfire…

Heart Shaped Eyes April 21, 2015

My ex husband married a horribly narcissistic woman after I left him . One reason I left him us because he wasn’t very potent in his own life, perfect candy for a narcissist. Unfortunately, he slso brought her into the world of myself and the child we had . It was like she swallowed him whole insisting on intercepting all communication, Neither my daughter (who has not been alone with him in years and all of their phone conversations monitored by the narcissist) or I have seen the real him since and this is going on over 10 years . He has tried to leave at least twice that I know of but been suckered back in. I think it’s distinctly difficult for men with their pride and social programming to admit the reality of being the receiver of emotional abuse. I also think women can be especially tricky and put on a good glamour to the public. No one would guess at the narcissism until the Web is too tangled! I’d be interested in hearing their stories. My daughter us an adult now and is pretty courageously separating herself from the step monster. Of course, it’s not been easy, though. The tentacles are extra gabby when they sense they’re losing control .

Karen April 20, 2015

Dear Kim,
In reply to your post about narcissistic women, I dated a woman for 4 years, was probably the worst four years of my life.
We started seeing each other in Dec 2009, I was living with my husband, lived in the same house, but were separated. Her scenario the same.
We had a great first year, I told my now, ex husband in June/July, that i was seeing another woman, she told hers months later, she moved out of her house she shared with her husband, in December 2010 into her own house. During this time was when the manipulation and mind games started, she would insult me in front of her friends, use me, but, i thought all the insults I deserved, or had said something to deserve them. I wasn’t allowed to help her move, wasn’t allowed to help her with anything, I had to stay away, her husband, and mine helped with all her moving. I wasn’t allowed to just show up, she had to tell me when I could visit her…. My girlfriend!! She would have parties a lot – I was never invited, but the following day was told all about it. Around the time of her parties, I would get the Silent treatment, thinking it was my fault, it was something I’d said, so I’d never get invited through some kind of punishment.
Anyway, she made me mentally ill, the mind games she’d play were cruel, she’d break up with me, knowing it would break my heart, then a few days later would call me to go round to her house – only for sex, then the next day ignore me again. One particular night she was passed out drunk, and I read her text messages she had sent to my husband, they were very flirtacious, when I asked her about them, my reply was “believe what you want, you will anyway” I stayed the night with her as I was worried she would choke on her own vomit.
This went on for the next 8 months.
My (ex) husband and I were arguing and it was that night he told me that he had slept with her 8 months earlier.
At first I was numb, I went to her house, she invited me in, and I asked her if she had something to tell me, at first said no, then told me that he was the one to come on to her, and that she only slept with him “TO HELP OUR RELATIONSHIP” I left her house, still numb. I really couldn’t/didn’t say anything to her, and left her house to go home.
The following night, I returned to her house, very verbully angry, and told her exactly what I thought of her…throughout me asking her why, and how could she….she repeatedly said to me to ‘hit me, go on, I deserve it” ” go on, hit me, please just hit me” I didnt.
She got up from her couch and went through to her bedroom, and just left me sitting there. I went through to her bedroom and slapped both her shoulders (at the same time) as I continued to yell at her. After she went to bed, I left her house.
The following day, we talked/texted. Nothing untoward went on, she told me she was sorry, and that she wanted to make it up to me….I told her I would need to think about things.
Two days after I slapped her, it was 9.30pm and I had finished my shift at work, just I was leaving, the police turned up and arrested me for assault. That night I spent in jail, but was released the next day. She, was taken up to a “safe place” in the city where we lived.
I went to court in the morning I was released, and was told to not approach her, contact her and put on a good behaviour bond.
I was completely devastated, I had never been in trouble before, never said a bad word about anyone, and here I was in jail.
The year I stayed away from her, during this time she had been telling everyone that I “beat the shit of her” she “apparently” had bruises all over her body, lied to the police the night she had me charged, lied to her/our boss (we worked in the same hoslital) in a very small town) and convinced everyone I was an evil cruel, psychopathic crazy woman…
I had three close friends who stuck by me, and believed me.
A year later, she returned to work, (same department) as me) a few months had passed, and we started to talk, cut long story short, she won me back again, she said she wanted to put everything behind us and still loved me…. I can’t explain it, but my heart ruled my head, and I started seeing her again..
A few months later, a friend of ours, talked to me and had told me she had been dating my gf….I knew they had a past history, but it had finished, unbeknown to me, she was cheating on me, and unbeknown to the woman she was cheating on her with me…..again I finished it with her, again all her promises got to me and started seeing her again,
The honeymoon period lasted this time for 1 month and again, the nasty, evil, cruel narcissist came out, everytime I asked her if she wanted to go out with me, my answer was no, would you like to go for a meal with me – no, would you like to go for a picnic with me – no, would you like to go for a walk with me – No, would you like to go shopping with me – no. After the seventh refusal, I told her I had had enough, being apart from her broke my heart, but by this time my heart was shattered into a million peices. I knew her love for me was never real, I knew all she did was lie to me, I did everything for her, I bought her so many things, I would take her to hotel rooms and pay, whenever we went out, which wasn’t often, i d pay, whenever she would invite me to her house, she would want sex, then sleep for the rest of the night, and following day. I knew she was using me, but chose not to believe it and hoped she would change, and start to treat me the way I was treating her….it never happened.
I hope I haven’t bored you too much with my story, I am still trying to recover, I am now completely on my own, my ex husband has custody of my kids, and presently I’m going to court to get them back. I struggle everyday to block out the flashbacks that she has done to me, she has completely damaged my heart and soul, but day by day, I’m very slowly moving on, and most importantly not giving up.

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