Apr 18

by ~ HB

When you look in the mirror what do you see?
Can you honestly say it’s who you want to be?
Looking clearly deep into your soul,
No fraction of guilt when my heart you stole?
The world is your mirror, people’s adoration,
You bask in their praise, you are their creation.
An illusion which distracts and is not to capture,
Your intangible image is to be adored in rapture.
Before, I believed you to be pure and shy,
But ultimately you made me hurt and cry.
A wolf in sheep’s clothing, did I deserve?
Was I too intense, not enough reserve?
You created for me a pie in the sky,
Never real truth; but I don’t know why.
I believed every word, loving you fully,
You made my brain all kinds of woolly.
Out of the magician’s hat you pulled your disguise,
I believed and worshipped, heart innocent, unwise.
You broke my mirror into a thousand shards,
Piercing my vision, another of your facades.
The pieces are scattered all over the ground,
Frantically I search; soul nowhere to be found.
Misfortune and loss a broken mirror does bring,
To survive, being a zombie, simply functioning.
But through the tiny glass a glorious prism does form,
Wondrous, magical, a new light slowly dawns.
Separated, but still one, a unique heart reborn,
A changed diamond, gleaming bright, not forlorn.
Never to be mended, those chances have gone,
But as the sun arises, life WILL go on.
Stand and face the mirror of truth with no fear of what you see,
For the answer lies within myself and I know that I am me.

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