The Piety of Toxic Love

By Kim Saeed | Contemplating No Contact

Jan 04
Narcissist Valentine's

Narcissist Valentine's

I was with my Ex for over eight years.

I am unable to recall a single Valentine’s Day spent with him.

I literally cannot summon up one miniscule facet of those eight holidays.

It seems they’ve been gridlocked from my memory.

And frankly, I don’t want or need to remember.

Some things are better left forgotten…

better left slouching in the cold, frozen night from whence those black moments were born.

Instead, I abscond gingerly to unsullied vistas where the earth is not deprived of its color.

Where my individuality is celebrated, no longer a conviction.

A place where I can breathe in green air

and the mornings offer their gracious possibilities.

In his unraveling of me, I discovered a gem of recognition.

Acknowledgement of the heavy truth

that I needed his darkness to discover my light.

© Kim Saeed and Let Me Reach, 2016

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About the Author

Kim Saeed is a recognized relationship and new life educator specializing in helping narcissistic abuse survivors to heal, rebuild, find purpose, and live joyfully after No Contact. In 2013, she founded Let Me Reach, a life transformation company that teaches people to flourish after toxic relationships.

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