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Science Links Selfies to Narcissism and Addiction

Don’t Do Too Many Selfies If You Don’t Want to Be Seen as a Narcissist.

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How to Recognize Narcissistic Abuse in Your Relationship and Build the Courage to Leave

Does your partner emotionally abuse you? Emotional abuse is often a sign of narcissistic abuse and can be subtle and difficult to recognize. But this type of abuse can erode your feelings of self-worth

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The Non-Narc’s Guide to “Cluster B” for Recovering Abuse Survivors

~ by Ven Baxter The online Narcissistic Abuse Recovery community, as represented in social media groups, website message boards, personal blogs, and video comment threads, has a certain lingo that newcomers

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8 Ways Narcissists Can Alter Your Perception of Reality

Being in a close relationship with a narcissistic can be more than just hurtful – it can be dangerous. If you find yourself in constant doubt, self-blame, and confusion, you may just be the victim of

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‘Narcissists are Fragile Beings’ and Other Fallacies

Over the past few years, the internet has exploded with articles and books about narcissism.  In fact, I often wonder if the internet has turned us into a bunch of narcissism junkies.   It starts out

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3 Myths About Narcissism That Need to Die

Can I be blunt for a moment? 75% of the material on the internet about narcissistic behaviors is totally pointless. It’s mostly rehashed information that’s often inaccurate, biased, and completely

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Are Narcissists Aware of Their Disorder?

When it comes to narcissists and their irrational behaviors, one of THE most frequently asked questions posed by victims of narcissistic abuse is whether the narcissist is aware of what they’re doing. 

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The Dangers of Staying in a Relationship with a Narcissist

Recovering from an abusive relationship is a process which takes time to navigate as it involves breaking complex ingrained beliefs, habits, thoughts, and emotions on a subconscious level.  This process

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9 Signs Your Toxic Partner is a Misogynist

  Does your toxic partner make you feel uncomfortable by sheer virtue of your being female?  Does he make cruel and humiliating comments about your womanly body parts or demand sex when he wants

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8 Ways Narcissists Are Like Cult Leaders

Many people who’ve gotten out of a relationship with a narcissist describe their experience as one of having been “brainwashed”.  When they recall how they acted in ways that were so unlike them,

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