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Dating and Relationships after Narcissistic Abuse

Getting back into the dating world after having suffered through an abusive relationship can seem overwhelming.  It can feel impossible to navigate day-to-day knowing how to act and what to say, all while dealing with deep-rooted insecurities that may not have been healed yet.  Generally, people who experiment with dating after leaving an abusive relationship often suffer with challenges such as:

  • Hypervigilance – always being on the lookout for real or perceived wrong-doings; waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  • Over-thinking – Did I say the right thing? How did he or she perceive me?  What can I do to make sure this person likes me? 
  • Re-engaging in codependent behaviors – Offering to help new dates with their personal projects (although they didn’t ask); wiping one’s own calendar clean in order to wait for a new date’s phone call; buying a new wardrobe in order to impress; changing one’s style or hair color at a new date’s request (red flag); not establishing healthy boundaries in hopes that a new date will stay in one’s life
  • Imprinting onto the first person who shows interest
  • Having unreasonable expectations for how a new date should behave
  • Being intimate with someone before getting to know them
  • Fear of expressing one’s feelings for fear a new partner will reject them
  • Settling for a partner who isn’t ideal due to feelings of low self-esteem
  • Feeling one is “too old” to attract a compatible partner

I have been there and I know first-hand what dating can be like after an abusive relationship.  What’s more, because I hadn’t initially done the self-work necessary (due to naivety), I inadvertently attracted another manipulator into my life.  Imagine my surprise when I realized I had gone from a relationship with an overt narcissist to a covert narcissist.  I finally realized why I’d been experiencing triggers, but couldn’t determine ‘why’ since the manipulation was so subtle.

New Love U 325x217If you are in a new relationship, or have simply been considering getting back into the dating world after toxic love, you may find that you need help from someone who’s been there and can help you navigate the confusing feelings and hyper-vigilance (as well as point out possible red flags).  What’s more, I can help you avoid appearing clingy and needy, which is sure to send your new partner running for the hills (unless they’re a manipulator!).  I can also help you keep a level head so that you don’t lose sight of your personal goals and dreams, which is crucial in building your self-esteem. 

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