The Beginner's Healing and Empowerment Kit

Download this free PDF guide packed with resources for narcissistic abuse recovery, detoxing from painful relationships, and upleveling your confidence and self-esteem.



Let Me Reach is a healing community for purpose-driven people who are serious about narcissistic abuse recovery.

Through Let Me Reach (LMR) you'll increase your awareness of yourself, learning to supplement your healing journey using science-backed principles along the way.

I’m here to help you with ways to heal from narcissistic abuse in a more intentional way.. (And while we’re at it, help you grow your own heart-guided business, too, if that's in your plans ).

And if creating your own recovery blog is your dream...

Many people who have been victims of narcissistic abuse often aspire to help others because we, as a demographic, are healers and light-workers. It’s the Empath in us.

While not everyone will go on to become therapists, coaches, or healers, many will. We are in the middle of a global shift designed to enlighten, educate, and heal.

If you’d like to help others find their way out of the darkness of narcissistic abuse, but don’t know how to get started, I can help. Indicate your interest by visiting the button below and I’ll be in touch soon.

Your resource for healing, transformation, and narcissistic abuse recovery...

Knowledge is power, but knowledge without action keeps us stuck in the pain of abusive and meaningless situations. Two important keys that open the doors of our heart and soul are learning and creating change. If we have one and not the other, we're at least half locked out of our own selves.

Which means you don’t need to figure it all out on your own. You just need to relax and let us show you the way...

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Essential oils can help with emotional healing.

We’ve got a guide for that.



I found Kim’s site through a Google search and I truly believe I was led here by a higher power. Her site is full of raw, applicable insight that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere. I finally took the plunge and went No Contact with her help. All areas of my life have improved since I’m no longer with my abusive wife, and Kim has turned me onto several healing strategies that have greatly improved my self-esteem and sense of peace. Thank you.


Brad B.



Let me thank you for the honest and frank blogs about narcissistic abuse. I was unable to find a therapist who knows about this subject except one and her calendar was booked solid. She did give me your name as a reference, though, and my knowledge and healing has begun after taking your Break Free course. I am so grateful for that.


Melanie S.