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I just need to say thank you to Kim. I Have come so far in 3 months. I would never have made it this far without your one to one coaching. Kim could even tell me what my narc would do before it happened. Kim knows more about Narcissistic Abuse than anyone else I know..



I​​​​’d highly recommend Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed to anyone who has been through a toxic relationship or is recovering from narcissistic abuse as Kim combines her personal experience with research and understanding in a way that victims can easily relate to.

Sarah Webb 

Happiness Weekly


I am writing to say that I have learnt so much from you in just a few short weeks. What is amazing is many of the examples you talk about totally mirrors my life.  You have shown me what it means to be transparent with myself and how to aspire to live life to the fullest... - Janet K.


Janet K.

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