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Relationship Deal Breakers: Know When to Walk Away

Starting a new relationship is incredibly exciting. But on the journey to finding the ideal partner, many people end up in abusive relationships. What’s worse – some may end up staying in these abusive

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Have You Been a Victim of Emotional Vampirism?

Written by Ven Baxter Some of the greatest teachers and healers in history have famously been murdered–presumably by “negative” people. Jesus and Socrates both come to mind. Presumably, these great

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An Open Letter to Friends and Family of Narcissistic Abuse Victims

Ven Baxter If you’ve never been in a close relationship with a Narcissistic partner, it may not be easy to imagine. It might be impossible. It may not be easy for a survivor of Narcissistic abuse

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Don’t Let Pride and Fear of the Unknown Keep You Stuck

3-minute read — Possible Trigger When I think back to my own dark night of narcissistic abuse, I often wish I’d left sooner than I did.  If truth be told, I am glad I went through the experience

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Narcissistic Abuse is Domestic Abuse

October is in full gear, bringing with it pumpkins, Halloween, harvest, Thanksgiving, and warm thoughts of sweaters and mugs of hot cocoa. It also marks Domestic Violence Awareness month. Sadly, there

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Exit Wounds

By Stephanie March If you’re reading this article – or any others on this site – it’s probably safe to assume that you have found yourself involved with a narcissist or other toxic personality

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The Real Reason You Break No Contact (It’s Not What You Think)

The toughest ordeal in detaching from a toxic relationship with a Narcissist or other personality-disordered individual is implementing and maintaining No Contact (or Modified Contact in cases of shared

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Not All That is Buried is Dead

Time is not a healer. It’s a system for keeping track of seconds, minutes, hours, and days. Time may take the edge off of intense pain, but it doesn’t heal.   It’s what we do with the passage of

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A Letter from My Future Self as a Survivor of Narcissistic Abuse

~ by Amy L. To My Present Self – I know right now you feel scared and lost. The amount of pain you are in feels unbearable and you are scared to experience your feelings. Right now you are afraid

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Cognitive Dissonance Removal Strategies: Harmful vs. Healthy Ways

Abusive relationships often reshape your entire belief system. If you are like most victims of narcissistic abuse, you experienced a distorted sense of reality throughout the majority of the relationship

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