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Narcissistic Abuse is Domestic Abuse

October is in full gear, bringing with it pumpkins, Halloween, harvest, Thanksgiving, and warm thoughts of sweaters and mugs of hot cocoa. It also marks Domestic Violence Awareness month. Sadly, there

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Cognitive Dissonance Removal Strategies: Harmful vs. Healthy Ways

Abusive relationships often reshape your entire belief system. If you are like most victims of narcissistic abuse, you experienced a distorted sense of reality throughout the majority of the relationship

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The Narcissist's "Confessions"

Pay attention to your new partner’s “confessions” in the beginning of the relationship. They’ll often tell you exactly what to expect…

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Help! My Narcissistic Partner Won’t Stop Watching Porn!

PIED is a common condition in Narcissists, who then blame their partner for not being “desirable enough”.

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Self-Forgiveness after Narcissistic Abuse

When you’ve been devalued and discarded by a Narcissist, it’s a lot like being told you have a deadly disease.  You’re not sure if you will survive.  In fact, part of you may not want to survive

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15 min Sacral Chakra Activation Meditation/Binaural with Music

  The Sacral Chakra is associated with the color orange or red-orange. This chakra often offers us the opportunity to lessen our “control issues” and find a balance in our lives, teaching

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Are You Ready to Experience a Shift?

To my followers… I watched this movie approximately two years ago. In many ways, it was a catalyst for my own life transformation. We all have the tools we need to build a beautiful life….and

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Reflections on My Time as Supply

I Bargained with Life for a Penny I bargained with Life for a penny, And Life would pay no more, However I begged at evening When I counted my scanty store; For Life is a just employer, He gives you what

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Why Do Narcissists Cry at Movies?

This is a popular search term with inquiring minds Googling the phrase about 357k times.  It’s also a common search that leads people to my site.  They want to know why the Narcissist cries at movies

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Easing the Sting of “Rejection”

I get emails every day from people who are stuck in an obsessive cycle of feeling worthless, unattractive, and “no good”.  This happens because the Narcissist in their life conditioned them to believe

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