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Sep 13

LMR Saturday Survivor – Inspirational Stories from the Front Line

By Kim Saeed | PTSD/C-PTSD , Recovery from Co-Dependency , Releasing The Past , Surviving Narcissistic Abuse , The Gift in the Curse

The Day I Remembered Me ~Submitted by Kim Saeed~ February 11, 2011.  After nearly eight years of marriage to a Narcissist, I remembered me…and left the nightmare of Narcissistic abuse. Little did I realize I’d been drawn to him partly because of my innate desire to help and heal others.  You see, I am an HSP (Highly Sensitive […]

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Sep 03

Narcissistic Supply, Bad Faith, and Insurance Against Loneliness

By Kim Saeed | Narcissism , Narcissistic Behaviors , No Contact , Surviving Narcissistic Abuse , The Red Flags of Narcissism

Ted is married to Marcy, but he’s wanted to break it off for a while.  He doesn’t believe they are compatible, so after several years of treating her unkindly, he moves out. Though he doesn’t want her as a wife, he allows her to stay in the marital residence while he moves into a new […]

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Aug 01

How to Leave a Narcissist

By Kim Saeed | Male Targets of Female Narcissists , Narcissism , Narcissistic Behaviors , No Contact , Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

Most victims of Narcissistic abuse waste years of their lives not knowing whether they should stay or leave, torturing themselves with self-doubt.  The reasons for this vary, but in the end, victims are groomed to not only accept abuse, but to crave the Narcissist when the relationship ends. If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that […]

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