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7 Strong Boundaries to Protect Yourself from Toxic People This Christmas

Are you in a relationship with someone who ruins every holiday? Does your friend or coworker have a special mean streak they reserve for occasions when everyone else is feeling festive and fuzzy? Does

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How to Recognize Narcissistic Abuse in Your Relationship and Build the Courage to Leave

Does your partner emotionally abuse you? Emotional abuse is often a sign of narcissistic abuse and can be subtle and difficult to recognize. But this type of abuse can erode your feelings of self-worth

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20 Things I “Should” Have Said to Narcissists in My Life…But Didn’t

~ by Ven Baxter Wondering how to communicate with a Narcissist?  We’ve all had those times when we thought: “Man! I should have said _______! I wish I’d thought of it then!” This is a tongue-in-cheek list

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