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Dear Kim: Is Tinder Guy a Narcissist?

Dear Kim, I’ve been seeing a guy I met on Tinder for about a year and a half.  Everything was great in the beginning, but instead of our relationship becoming deeper and more intimate, things have

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What IS a “Narcissist”??

~ by Ven Baxter What is a narcissist?  First, here’s my own definition: Narcissist (n.) a person who deceives others in order to take, deplete, and consume their life energy (“soul”) because the

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LMR Q&A Tuesday: Why won’t the Narcissist make up his mind?

Dear Kim, My Ex and I have been divorced for two years. I live in the house we used to share, with our children, and he moved out after the divorce and in with his new woman. However, he still comes over

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LMR Q&A Tuesday – Could it be true? Is he really a narcissist?

Dear Kim, I’ve been with my partner almost two years now, and while looking up verbal abuse articles, I came across some very alarming links regarding Narcissism. Now, instead of believing I’ve simply

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When You Should Consider Breaking Your Promises

I’m not referring to the promises you make to your parents or your friends. And you should certainly keep the promises you’ve made to your children. However, there are times when you should consider

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How Could He Just Leave Me??

 This is one of the most common questions that comes through on my stats page, as well as when working with clients.  It’s heartbreaking to hear this question asked with such heartfelt emotion.  Those

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Narcissistic Abuse = Prison Camp Effect

“Don’t judge yourself by what others did to you.” ~ C. Kennedy, Omorphi Dear Kim: I’ve been struggling in the aftermath of Narcissistic abuse.  I’m still stuck in depression, low self-esteem,

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How Can I Be Sure He’s a Narcissist?

You’ve read every online article you can find on Narcissism.  You’ve printed them out and made your own binder-Bible, complete with chapters and subtitles.  You know so much about the disorder, you

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A Matter of Love…or Cake?

I hear it all the time… “My Narcissist broke up with me two months (or two years) ago, but even though he/she has a new partner, they want to stay friends and see me on the down low”. Yes, the Narcissist

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Why do I Feel so Attached to my Narcissistic Ex?

This is a common question as it relates to how one perceives their attachment to the Narcissist in their life.  In the beginning, it seemed they’d finally met their soul-mate.  The Narcissist showered

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