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10 Surprising Facts About the Silent Treatment

Being on the receiving end of the silent treatment is damaging no matter who does it, but when the narcissist in your life employs it as a tool, it can be downright devastating. Why is that? Narcissists

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How to Reverse Learned Helplessness after Narcissistic Abuse

It seems like more and more people are dealing with feelings of helplessness. Not only are more people struggling with these feelings, they’re dealing with them on incredibly intense levels.  Because

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7 Types of Pain Directly Linked to Your Emotions

When we feel emotionally balanced, our bodies reflect this positive feeling, too. Positive emotions such as contentment or satisfaction tell our brains to release positive chemicals such as serotonin or

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Compulsive Research of Narcissism: 5 Signs to Look Out for After a Break Up

While all relationships have their ups and downs, a relationship with a narcissist can be particularly tumultuous. To cope with the extreme emotional trauma of this kind of emotional abuse, your body activates

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8 Ways Narcissists Can Alter Your Perception of Reality

Being in a close relationship with a narcissistic can be more than just hurtful – it can be dangerous. If you find yourself in constant doubt, self-blame, and confusion, you may just be the victim of

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Relationship Deal Breakers: Know When to Walk Away

Starting a new relationship is incredibly exciting. But on the journey to finding the ideal partner, many people end up in abusive relationships. What’s worse – some may end up staying in these abusive

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3 Myths About Narcissism That Need to Die

Can I be blunt for a moment? 75% of the material on the internet about narcissistic behaviors is totally pointless. It’s mostly rehashed information that’s often inaccurate, biased, and completely

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17 Signs You Might be a Love Addict

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I feel totally powerless to leave this person, even though I know they are extremely bad for my well-being. I’ve tried to leave many times,

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Channelling the One-Sided Energy of Longing

~ by Ether The feeling of longing is an unpleasantly familiar feeling to those who have been involved in a relationship with a narcissist or similarly emotionally unavailable individual. Longing for your

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12 Ways to Heal Emotional Trauma after Narcissistic Abuse

Every person who comes out of a relationship with a narcissist experiences the impact of emotional trauma. Although traumas inflicted by pathological people might involve physical injuries and damage,

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