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Do You Recognize These Warning Signs of Pursuer-Distancer Relationship Patterns?

Many relationships run into trouble because one partner seeks more closeness while the other seeks more distance. It’s a cycle that psychologists call a pursuer-distancer dynamic.  In spiritual

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7 Types of Pain Directly Linked to Your Emotions

When we feel emotionally balanced, our bodies reflect this positive feeling, too. Positive emotions such as contentment or satisfaction tell our brains to release positive chemicals such as serotonin or

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Awareness and Responsibility: Two Initial Steps to Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

There are two basic steps to recovery from Narcissistic abuse, and they are taken both within and after a “romantic” relationship with a Cluster B personality-disordered partner.  The first

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5 Dark Truths Behind the Dreaded “Discard”

Anyone who knows anything about the phases of a relationship with a narcissistic individual understands, all too well, the dreaded “Discard” stage. If you’re just learning about narcissistic traits,

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Why Narcissistic Abuse is so Damaging

Why does narcissistic abuse often affect us so differently than other traumatic events? It goes without saying that all traumatic events are deeply impactful and life-altering.  They knock us into an

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Relationship Deal Breakers: Know When to Walk Away

Starting a new relationship is incredibly exciting. But on the journey to finding the ideal partner, many people end up in abusive relationships. What’s worse – some may end up staying in these abusive

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‘Narcissists are Fragile Beings’ and Other Fallacies

Over the past few years, the internet has exploded with articles and books about narcissism.  In fact, I often wonder if the internet has turned us into a bunch of narcissism junkies.   It starts out

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Channelling the One-Sided Energy of Longing

~ by Ether The feeling of longing is an unpleasantly familiar feeling to those who have been involved in a relationship with a narcissist or similarly emotionally unavailable individual. Longing for your

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An Inside Look at the Narcissist’s Valentine’s Day Script

Are you wondering what to expect on Valentine’s Day from the narcissist in your life?  Have you recently been hoovered by the seemingly genuine “Epiphany Speech”, where they claim to have seen the

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The Piety of Toxic Love

I was with my Ex for over eight years. I am unable to recall a single Valentine’s Day spent with him. I literally cannot summon up one miniscule facet of those eight holidays. It seems they’ve been

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