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Have You Been a Victim of Emotional Vampirism?

Written by Ven Baxter Some of the greatest teachers and healers in history have famously been murdered–presumably by “negative” people. Jesus and Socrates both come to mind. Presumably, these great

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Cognitive Dissonance Removal Strategies: Harmful vs. Healthy Ways

Abusive relationships often reshape your entire belief system. If you are like most victims of narcissistic abuse, you experienced a distorted sense of reality throughout the majority of the relationship

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5 Narcissistic Abuse Hacks – A Cheat Sheet for Decoding the Top Narcissistic Manipulations

How many times have you engaged in frustrating arguments with your toxic partner, only to come to self-defeating “compromises” in which they made you feel utterly responsible for their relationship

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"He’s Not All Bad" and Other Dangerous Fallacies

It’s hard to admit, but… You’ve been lying to yourself about your partner. There’s an ever-widening gap between the person you want him to be and the person he really is.  You have an idea of

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Emotional abuse and covert narcissism

Covert narcissism (or any covert, cluster B personality disorder) is very difficult to put your finger on. Many people waste years of their lives with covert narcissists trying to figure out what the

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The Realm of the Narcissist

 ~ by Ether Whilst we live in a world full of beauty, love, depth, feelings, thoughts and experiences, narcissists do not. They don’t possess the capability to see such a world, nor to appreciate anything

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Planet V

Excerpt from How to Do No Contact Like a Boss! Venus is a lovely being.  She gives her love unconditionally and cares for others in the most unselfish way; she isn’t pretentious in her giving of love. 

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What narcissists look like beneath the glamour

  ~ submitted by Ether Warning – Trigger Alert – Proceed with Caution Doing psychic healings with targets of narcissists, this is how I see the narc: If you could see a narcissist beneath

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Breaking Up with a Narcissist

“Breaking up with a Narcissist”.  These are common search terms that lead people to Let Me Reach.  While I am glad that readers are searching for ways to end their toxic relationships, I usually

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The Narcissist's "Confessions"

Pay attention to your new partner’s “confessions” in the beginning of the relationship. They’ll often tell you exactly what to expect…

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