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Nov 14

Narcissistic Abuse, Recovery, and the Importance of Right Healing

By Kim Saeed | Contemplating No Contact , Initiating No Contact , Maintaining No Contact

Experts say it takes more time to recover from a breakup with a narcissist (be that a friendship, colleague, family member, partner, or spouse) because you have to grieve twice. You grieve first for the person the narcissist pretended to be (your most loyal friend, soulmate, perfect boss) and then you grieve yet again about the […]

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Oct 27

Email tsunamis…just don't

By Kim Saeed | Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

You sit down at your computer. You’ve had something on your mind for a while and you need to share it. You head over to your email account, hit “compose” and enter the narcissist’s email address. OR You make an attempt at No Contact, but don’t really block your soon-to-be-Ex.  After sending the email and […]

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Oct 12

6 Strong Signs You Have Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome

By Kim Saeed | Contemplating No Contact , Initiating No Contact , Narcissistic Behaviors , Narcissists and Sex , Surviving Narcissistic Abuse , The Red Flags of Narcissism

Like many people who’ve endured Narcissistic and emotional abuse, you probably didn’t realize what was happening to you until you reached a point of near insanity and began searching desperately for reasons why your fairytale romance took a grievous turn for the worse. Further, the person you love has made you feel you can’t do […]

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Aug 24

The Real Reason You Break No Contact (It’s Not What You Think)

By Kim Saeed | Break-Ups , Maintaining No Contact , Moving on after No Contact , Narcissistic Behaviors , No Contact , Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

The toughest ordeal in detaching from a toxic relationship with a Narcissist or other personality-disordered individual is implementing and maintaining No Contact (or Modified Contact in cases of shared custody). The word on the street is that, on average, it takes leaving a toxic partner seven times before finally leaving for good. From my experience […]

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Aug 07

Cognitive Dissonance Removal Strategies: Harmful vs. Healthy Ways

By Kim Saeed | Break-Ups , Empaths and Sensitives , Heal Your Heart & Mind , Narcissism , No Contact , Recovery from Co-Dependency , Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

Abusive relationships often reshape your entire belief system. If you are like most victims of narcissistic abuse, you experienced a distorted sense of reality throughout the majority of the relationship with your partner. When your partner’s alternating sweetness and rage suddenly defied everything you believed about him or her, you experienced an internal conflict known […]

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