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How to Prepare for Court Against the Narcissist

iTunes | Stitcher In your dealings with a personality-disordered individual, you’ve learned that this person lies, blames and exaggerates. In court, despite swearing an oath to tell the truth, he

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10 Surprising Facts About the Silent Treatment

Being on the receiving end of the silent treatment is damaging no matter who does it, but when the narcissist in your life employs it as a tool, it can be downright devastating. Why is that? Narcissists

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Are you wasting your life? This six-point checklist will tell you

The average human lives for 27,000 days. A third of that time is spent sleeping. This leaves you with the scary amount of just 18,000.  Can you afford to waste even one more minute? Are you making the

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How to Maintain Modified Contact on Father’s Day

What’s it like to maintain Modified Contact? It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. You know you were meant to do more with your life than being stuck in a marriage or relationship

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Tips to Master Self-Discipline While Going No Contact

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself when detaching from a toxic relationship is learning to master the art of self-discipline. Learning how to tell yourself no is an important step to becoming

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You Have Options

Take a deep breath, clear your mind, remove yourself from the chaos of daily demands, remember who you once were and what you always wanted to be.  Put yourself in a position to seek out and find greener

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The Garden

Life is like a garden. There are no gardens that appear manicured without cultivation, maintenance and the removal of weeds.  When you do see a beautiful garden, you see the work that was put into it’s

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How to Squash Negative Thought Patterns

by Steve Pavlina Suppose you have the bad habit of dwelling too much on the same negative thoughts.  And suppose there’s no outward physical manifestation associated to them.  It’s just negative

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How to NOT be a sitting duck for Narcissists and other Manipulators

Dating is a phase of discovery – whether or not you are recovering from a toxic relationship.  But for those who are trying to break patterns of choosing the wrong partners, shedding “people pleasing”

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Exit Wounds

By Stephanie March If you’re reading this article – or any others on this site – it’s probably safe to assume that you have found yourself involved with a narcissist or other toxic personality

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