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If you’ve found this site, it’s likely that you are experiencing crippling heartbreak and betrayal.  You want answers to why the person you love is treating you cruelly and acts like nothing you do is ever good enough…the person who once told you how wonderful you are.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You try to talk to them and offer understanding and compromise, but nothing you do ever seems to help your relationship?
  • Every time you do think your relationship is on the mend, you get the rug pulled out from under you…again?
  • You’ve been cheated on – possibly numerous times – yet feel a puzzling urge to stay in the relationship and prove your worth?
  • You’ve been subjected to abandonment, silent treatments, and numerous breakups over the course of your relationship?
  • Every time you think the relationship is over, your Ex makes promises to be better…promises that they break as soon as you’re back together?
  • You’ve become so devastated by being shamed, ridiculed, and deceived that you can barely function day to day?

These are all the psychological tricks used by narcissists and emotional abusers.  This is a part of their permanent personality and they will not change.  They will continue  to make it all your fault, even though you’ve bent over backwards trying to fix the obstacles they keep throwing at your feet.

The good news is that you don’t have to suffer in shame and isolation any longer. No more must you be invalidated by friends and family who may mean well, but simply don’t understand what you’re going through.

Unless a person has been through this nightmare, they cannot relate or give you helpful advice. And that’s why I created The Esssential No Contact Bootcamp…

In my masterclass, The Essential No Contact Bootcamp, I show you the exact strategies I’ve taught my coaching clients over the past three years – based on the methods I personally used after many unsuccessful attempts to heal using traditional therapy. Get comprehensive lessons, workbooks, handouts, tips, and how to’s based on science & case studies.

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The teachings you’ll find here provide a compass to the Mind — Body — Spirit — Emotions … which empower, awaken and nourish your whole Being — bringing you into harmony with yourself and your important relationships.

The articles, programs, events, and books offered through Let Me Reach are all designed to create harmony, both within and without — because without harmony there is chaos, struggle and suffering. There is a longing for love and compassion, for self-acceptance, and for peace.

Through these gentle, yet reflective teachings, your trust in the wisdom of your heart will strengthen. You will deepen your relationship and experience with yourself and your purpose in life.

Your confidence and clarity will expand in all directions, and your profound awareness of the transformative course you are on will become a map of hidden treasures, helping you create a ‘life that dreams are made of’ … the life that you’ve always deserved!

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  • 8 Ways Narcissists Can Alter Your Perception of Reality

    8 Ways Narcissists Can Alter Your Perception of Reality

    Being in a close relationship with a narcissistic can be more than just hurtful – it can be dangerous. If you find yourself in constant doubt, self-blame, and confusion, you may just be the victim of errors in thinking – fueled by a malignant narcissist in your life. Are You in an Abusive Relationship with […]
  • ‘Narcissists are Fragile Beings’ and Other Fallacies

    ‘Narcissists are Fragile Beings’ and Other Fallacies

    Over the past few years, the internet has exploded with articles and books about narcissism.  In fact, I often wonder if the internet has turned us into a bunch of narcissism junkies.   It starts out innocently enough.  Your partner (or friend, coworker, family member) has been engaging in behaviors that make you feel like […]
  • 3 Myths About Narcissism That Need to Die

    3 Myths About Narcissism That Need to Die

    Can I be blunt for a moment? 75% of the material on the internet about narcissistic behaviors is totally pointless. It’s mostly rehashed information that’s often inaccurate, biased, and completely useless if you’re truly serious about moving on and healing from narcissistic abuse.  Here’s how I know: Over the past six years, I’ve personally recovered from […]
  • Are Narcissists Aware of Their Disorder?

    Are Narcissists Aware of Their Disorder?

    When it comes to narcissists and their irrational behaviors, one of THE most frequently asked questions posed by victims of narcissistic abuse is whether the narcissist is aware of what they’re doing.  A common misconception is that if they’re not aware of what they’re doing, then we shouldn’t hold them accountable for their seemingly unintentional […]
  • Awareness and Responsibility: Two Initial Steps to Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

    Awareness and Responsibility: Two Initial Steps to Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

    There are two basic steps to recovery from Narcissistic abuse, and they are taken both within and after a “romantic” relationship with a Cluster B personality-disordered partner.  The first step likely occurs while you’re still entangled in the relationship, or perhaps during a discard while your head is spinning (again) and you’re wondering what happened […]
  • 5 Dark Truths Behind the Dreaded “Discard”

    5 Dark Truths Behind the Dreaded “Discard”

    Anyone who knows anything about the phases of a relationship with a narcissistic individual understands, all too well, the dreaded “Discard” stage. If you’re just learning about narcissistic traits, the ‘discard phase’ is where you seemingly fall from grace in the narcissist’s eyes and they begin telling you all that’s supposedly “wrong” with you, why […]
  • Why Narcissistic Abuse is so Damaging

    Why Narcissistic Abuse is so Damaging

    Why does narcissistic abuse often affect us so differently than other traumatic events? It goes without saying that all traumatic events are deeply impactful and life-altering.  They knock us into an emotional tailspin, threatening our sense of security about life, and they often force us to make serious changes in the way we live.  Consider […]
  • Do Narcissists Suck at Tickling?

    Do Narcissists Suck at Tickling?

    by Ven Baxter Tickling requires empathy. It’s a psychological game (in a positive sense). One can’t tickle oneself; tickling requires a partner and, like most human interactions, when done the “right” way it’s a give-and-take. Tickling is fun! It’s enjoyable. And some people suck at it–or refuse to do it (or do it right) at all. Like many enjoyable experiences, […]

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